How Our Services Benefit You

Our goal is to guide you through the procurement process and help you efficiently determine the right provider for your unique opportunity.

Our approach standardizes the procurement selection process, which saves you time navigating through an endless supply of vendors. By consolidating the majority of the requirements phase into a semi-automated process, we focus your time for deeper discussions with the providers that are a good fit and will compete for your business.

Yellowshake consultants will:

  • Help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a service provider’s offering

  • Facilitate a competitive quoting environment for your company to Maximize Savings

  • Serve as your Customer Advocate when dealing with service providers

  • Enhance Operational Effectiveness

  • Increase function and Performance

  • Enable Continuity of Operations to Disaster Proof Your Business

Yellowshake is an independent consulting group. Through our network, we represent leading business telecom, cloud service providers, credit card payment processors and energy suppliers who want to compete for your business. We do not have commitments to any specific service provider and our professional consulting services do not erode your savings as Yellowshake is compensated by the service provider once your selection has been determined.

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