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A Message From Our Founder

The name Yellowshake was created to signify “Precious Connections”.  “Yellow” represents gold, which has been considered precious since the beginning of mankind. “Shake” is derived from handshake, a term used in the IT world to describe the process of one computer establishing a connection with another through an exchange of information.

Yellowshake was founded in 2011 to provide technology and business cost reduction solutions for our clients. Our mission, since the beginning, has been to provide solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs and simplify the operations for our clients.

Our approach simplifies the procurement process, which saves you time navigating through an endless supply of vendors. By consolidating the majority of the requirements gathering phase into a semi-automated process we focus your time for deeper discussions with the providers who are a good fit and who wish to compete for your business. This approach allows you to efficiently compare vendors and determine who is best to serve your business.

Yellowshake consultants will:

  • Help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a service provider’s offering
  • Facilitate a competitive quoting environment for your company to Maximize Savings
  • Serve as your Customer Advocate when dealing with service providers
  • Increase function and Performance
  • Enable Continuity of Operations to Disaster Proof Your Business

I am confident that you’ll love our service and look forward to hearing from you. Please sign up on our site or call us to request a free consultation to discuss your project.

Warmest Regards,
Jonathan Bishop
President and Founder, YellowShake LLC

Jonathan Bishop has over 25 years of experience as a leader in account management, business development and executive management roles within the information technology and telecommunications industries. With an uncompromising client focus, customer perspective and experience in leading teams, Jonathan continues to marry vision with technology systems and services to achieve breakthrough results for the clients he serves. Jonathan graduated from Messiah College in 1991 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He currently resides in southern New Jersey with his wife and two children.


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