[Service Minimum Requirement: 25 devices billing per month]

Let Yellowshake assist you when it comes to reducing the cost of your wireless (mobile) environment and simplifying the management of your plans and devices. We look forward to working with you to save you money on your existing wireless service and more efficiently manage your wireless service provider.

Benefits to You:
Keep Same Wireless Carrier…..Verizon, ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and others
Keep Same Wireless Agreement
Keep same Devices…
Works on Machine 2 Machine, Cellphone, Tablets, ALL iPAD, All laptops, Wireless hotspot ISP back Up, all credit card machines, all postage,
Any device that uses DATA and is billed as a wireless item

Estimated Savings on 25 Devices
Equates to $ 14.00 x 25 devices = $ 350.00 per month SAVINGS
Equates to $ 4200.00 per Year SAVINGS

Estimated Savings on 100 Devices
Equates to $ 14.00 x 100 devices = $ 1,40.00 per month SAVINGS
Equates to $ 16,800.00 per Year SAVINGS

Improved Operations and Management of Existing Provider(s)
Allow us to audit and review your bills to secure an average $ 350.00 per month in SAVINGS on as little as 25 devices.

Device list is endless… We can audit and review every month for accuracy and DATA billing.
We can negotiate any add on MAC/D as well as new devices and new agreements. NO PENALTIES EVER.
We offer end of life Device Lifecycle Management
HELP DESK SUPPORT on all devices24/7 for end users, IT staff, all executives, as well as on-line training on all new devices.

How to Get Started?
All we need to get started is 3 full months of your Wireless bills.

Need to upgrade your systems and business services? Call (855) 801-4900

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