Gas / Electric

Yellowshake assists you when it comes to essential purchasing decisions for your business. Our approach standardizes procurement, which saves you time navigating through an endless supply of vendors. By consolidating the majority of the requirements phase into a semi-automated process we focus your time for deeper discussions with the providers who are a good fit and who wish to compete for your business. This approach allows you to efficiently compare vendors and determine who is best to serve your business.

In 1998, The Department of Energy deregulated utilities to encourage competition. It has proven to be an avenue for increased earnings for many of our clients as electric and gas are traded commodities that are sensitive to price fluctuations.

Our team consultants will take the necessary steps to position your company effectively in the marketplace. By analyzing data and through competitively shopping our client’s utility accounts, we can provide significant business cost reduction in relation to electric and gas. Many of our clients have benefited from 10% – 20% savings! All we need to get started is a copy of the latest electric and gas bill. Services currently offered in 29 states.

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