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Yellowshake assists you when it comes to essential purchasing decisions for your business. Our approach standardizes procurement, which saves you time navigating through an endless supply of vendors. By consolidating the majority of the requirements phase into a semi-automated process we focus your time for deeper discussions with the providers who are a good fit and who wish to compete for your business. This approach allows you to efficiently compare vendors and determine who is best to serve your business.

So you need a new phone system. Do you want to go with a hosted or premise based system? Do you prefer a CAPEX vs OPEX payment model?…There are numerous providers and feature sets in this space, but do you know what you need? Simply put, a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the brain of an office’s phone system. Premise based PBXs are on a wall in your office, connected to phone lines provided by a telephone carrier. In a Hosted Model, the PBX is located in the cloud (data center(s) and calls are routed over the internet, rather than the traditional phone lines.

Benefits of Hosted Voice:

Both models have their advantages, but many businesses are taking a serious look at the hosted model for benefits that offer: Simplicity; Lower Costs; Increased Productivity and Features; Continuity of Operations; Scalability; Performance through SLA’s; Control and Management through Internet Portals; and Security. We do offer additional hosted solutions pertaining to call center environments and mobility feature sets.

Wireless Carrier Solutions:

In the market for wireless carriers?…Whether you wish to switch carriers or if you are looking to remain with your existing carrier, but want an audit to determine if you are overspending money…we can help you there too.

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